How To Make a Gallery Wall

Do you have an empty and boring wall at home? Or do you want to highlight favorite places and family moments? Freshen up the view?

A gallery wall can be designed in several different ways based on changing shapes, subjects and sizes. It is important to remember that there are no rights and wrongs, but your own preferences are meant to be used.

Something to think about before you start your wallet is if you want a common theme for the wall. A common theme can be everything in terms of cities and landscapes, graphic printing to different quotes. The advantage of having a common theme is that it gives a more stylish and coherent look.

It's also good to choose, mix and match different posters for your galley wall just the way you want. Not following a specific theme is also nice and develops your own creativity.

When it comes to which frames to use, we suggest using the same type of frame. Using the same type of frame facilitates measurement and assembly, but also contributes to an attractive gallery wall.

It's white and black frames that are usually the most common on a gallery wall, however if you want you can mix and match the color of the frames just as much as the motives of your posters. Blending white, black and gold on your gallery wall is very appealing and is something we recommend.

Before you start setting up your posters and posters, it may be good to measure the surface you intended to use and then organize your paintings on a rug or floor nearby. Remember to hang the paintings at the eye level for best results. Once you have organized the posters as you like, just start hanging them, and then you've made your own gallery wall!